Assessment Management

Catered to Everyone’s Needs


Follow guidelines ,outcome expectations .View remarks and comments on each assignment from faculty to get a better understanding on the learning’s and topics


Mark calculations as per agreed guidelines that are set according to Blooms Taxonomy


Have a bird’s eye view as the faculty and students are ensuring, adhering and following as per guidelines that are agreed upon.

Key features that sets us apart

The Assessments management system is an automated built in system that streamlines workflows, assignment tracking, document management, reporting that is part of an outcome learning. Define and set assessment rules that is standardized as per learning outcome.
Manage various types of assessments as per student , batch profiles as per due dates

  • Assessment pattern templates
  • Assessments mapping with Question Paper
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy domain mapping with questions
  • Configurable Assignments
  • Easy notifications to students
  • Online & Offline Assessments

Only faculty /staff can create assignments and quizzes i.e authorized users to access confidential assignment documents. Wherein students can submit their assignments online and can be evaluated by the staff that results in quick reviewing and saves lot of time. Students get results and grades immediately and no data entry is required as the gradation process is automated.
This in turn can enable students to review, redo and get staff feedback immediately.
Assignments can be of many forms, like MCQs, Quizzes, long papers, articles etc.

  • Set timer for every evaluation
  • Evaluate anywhere, anytime, on the go
  • Role-Based Control

A built in database that keep assessments documents shared and completed by them . Assessing based on the learning outcomes is one of the major factor in any education system . Online assignment management system enables students to identify the course and submit assignments with the ability to add comments. Students can also submit extension requests.
Students will be able to submit their assignments/assessments including handwritten by uploading it as a pdf document, which can be evaluated by the staff. Students will also be notified when they have not submitted the assignment and due date is near.

  • Supports video, pdf, doc formats
  • Sync with SIS
  • Submit Assignments
  • Reminder to submit
  • Collaboration with Grading Rubrics

All assessments are encrypted onto cloud servers and assigned for evaluation. Evaluator checks the answer scripts and assigns marks on the screen.
Results are published immediately once they are checked . Based on the results the learning outcome is calculated by the system . This enables the faculty to be updated about their class performance and track various KPI’s for students and give valuable feedback and suggestions.

  • On-Screen Evaluation
  • Outcomes Attainment
  • Set Timer for every evaluation
  • Thorough Encryption