ERP system is developed by many IT companies and technologies; choosing one of them for the educational institutes is dependent on the flexibility, user interface, process of managing, maintenance, automate many back office functions of ERP. ERP implementation has been revolutionizing institutional management for now, helping institutions to improve their operations and making working of organizations manageable and more transparent.

ERP is used to carry out many day to day activities. In colleges ERP is mainly effective in administration and management. In less time much more work can be completed efficiently and effectively which increases the productivity of the organization.

Cloud based ERP is beneficial in many ways. Cloud computing is pool of sharing configurable computer system resources and higher-level services over the Internet. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources so that coherence can be achieved.

Today’s world is of digitization in which students and parents are familiar to the latest technology and need to get digital information regarding their studies on their mobile and applications. As a result, educational institutes – colleges, schools, universities, coaching institutes, and others are adapting to technology applications to manage and streamline their process. Parents are getting status of their children on mobile device like attendance, results, performance and home work or assignments of students.

Requirements of the Educational Institutes to select ERP

In colleges, administration, teachers, parents and students are the users of ERP. So consideration of these users is important during selection of ERP. It is quite possible that parents are not technically literate; they may not understand the technical language. When you are selecting the ERP system, you must make sure whether the application will be useful to achieve your requirements or not. Find an ERP application, which will be effortless to use and fits in the business model.

Hence for educational institutes ERP has to be

1) User Friendly – It means front end can be picture oriented or navigations have to be easy and in simple language. So that non technical person can understand the ERP.

2) Mobile and Internet Penetration – Sitting on Laptop or computer and connecting to the Internet is not possible all the time. Whereas nowadays everybody has mobile device which is handy. Mobile App has to be available so that parents can get access to the ERP easily.

3) Security – This is a very important factor as educational institutes will be dealing with vast data of students and teachers and their fees payment and salaries. The application will be useful for handling many sorts of transactions, but at the same time it should be secure and there should not be any threat of breach of security.

4) Cost Effective – Comparative analysis has to be taken while choosing the ERP based on cost from all the available applications in the market. Best ERP systems are available with high cost, but at the same time review other application which might be available with same functionalities at a lesser price.

Advantages of Educational ERP Software
There are many advantages of using ERP

1) Increase Daily Productivity – The day to day operations like entering details of students and employees and their attendance, details of transportation and managing other records takes more time of the institute. In that case, ERP software will help to conduct daily activities with simple and computerized way. Institute can store all the functions and tasks in one place in the system as per your functions and retrieve whenever you’d like to get data. It increases the efficiency of teachers, administrative staff and management.

2) Easy to Observe – It is helpful for the management to observe the activities of teachers and students time to time, which gives you a clear idea to enhance performance of teachers and students. Analysis of work can be done easily by generating reports automatically with stored data.
3) Save Paper – Installation of ERP system in institution will reduce all the paperwork of teachers and other administrative officer. Those documents can be maintained in the file of computer very efficiently and all will be stored in database. This data of an institute can fetch as per the requirements.

4) Reduces Workload of Everybody – Workload of teachers and administration is reduced by using automated modules and all kind of data can be retrieved at any time.

5) Smarter Decisions with Complete Automation – Smart decisions can be taken with the automation of the administrative process. Reports are generated on syllabus, classes, and other activities in the institution. Manual process makes all the activities quite tedious to complete any task in the institute but ERP will also help you to understand the progress of the classes and students.

6) Save Money – The Education ERP software has to be very reasonable for managing and maintaining records. It is very easy to find dealers in the ERP software to take better decisions comparatively.

7) Student and Parent Communication – The application will help you to improve communication with parents and students. ERP systems are equipped with SMS services in the system, which allows to send SMS to parents and students. Students can get SMS about the timetable, fees due date, schedule of examination and class’s information on time. You can send emails and SMS to the parents about the results and their performance regularly. The system helps to sustain strong relations with students and parents.

8) Organization of Data in a better way – Institutes can organize their data the way they want with the help of ERP that will help in proper management of it. With a single click, data is managed well and available with ease. it helps to understand institutes and student’s progress through the analytical tools and reports.

9) Cloud Storage – Cloud ERP is hosted on a cloud computing platform, rather than on premises within an enterprise’s own data center. This system is dependent on remote servers for operating which can be accessed through a web browser by means of a constant Internet connection.

All educational institutions are going in the smarter way with the management systems of institutions to tone with the evolving technology ERP in every facet of life.