Nowadays when education is no more limited to books, educational institutions has also changed in and out. They are no more limited to provide education but they also perform as enterprises, which to perform on general grounds of honesty and profit. Considering this fact, colleges and Universities should be capable enough to handle data of a large number of students which also tends to generate equally large number of transaction.

Hence it’s a tasking job for any college management to manage all this. That’s why the college management system faces hurdles and tough issues while controlling & running the administration. With time complexity increases and manual maintenance becomes really tough. A Well designed software management system is the only solution for all these problems.

To integrate and automate activities starting from admission to leaving certificate, an EMS based software solution is very much required. It can only take care of all these functions like fee, examination, results, library, accounts, canteen, payroll, inventory, and many others. To operate everything smoothly the entire system is regulated on a web-based server. It enables the management to operate many interrelated modules and manage the administration effectively. Furthermore, since the entire system and transactions are recorded in a centralized database, the process of gathering individual and collective conclusions can be accomplished on a touch of the button and within a fraction of seconds. EMS software systems offer a powerful mechanism to generate accurate and automated reports in the form of tables and charts when required.

With EMS software, every college and university become transparent to various regulatory authorities that are genuinely interested in the running of the institution. The list includes audit authorities, college unions, the board of directors, trustees, student groups, and many others. The data generated on well-designed and tested software is more accurate than data processed manually. This will also help the management stay updated and maintain a system. This system is worth evaluation and appraisal.

In fact, if EMS solutions installed and implemented at all levels, it helps to establish better communication with students. Which tends to strengthen relations with students. The management can also install a virtual mobile platform, which promotes an advantageous learning environment and works as a good interaction tool too. Students are also well informed about admissions, examinations, fee payments, and many such essential data which helps them to be on track. Additionally, an advanced EMS software system allows the management to set up a secure payment gateway for monetary transactions like accepting fees from students.

Conclusion: iCloudEMS is a multi-campus multi-functional software solution which his developed after extensive research in education domain. It doesn’t only give a cutting-edge performance but also solves the most complicated tasks. It also connects various stakeholders such as Staff, Teachers, Students, and Parents. It fulfills the entire administrative requirements in real time. It simplifies the operation, makes it easier for staff and transparent for management. It doesn’t only connect the students but keeps the information and data about those students safe, which helps to track and easy to access.