Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

These words of Malcolm X, after more than 50 years of his assassination still holds true to the core. Education does not only prepare us for tomorrow but the innovation in the education system needs a system, which should be futuristically innovative. At one place, education is so inclusive, it has exclusive technologies too. In such a scenario, to hold all this together we all need a strong and sustainable system. To hold all the requirements of the new era of educational evolution, Cloud Next Vision stands tall with its iCloudEMS.

Let me go through, the qualities of iCloudEMS, which makes it stand tall in crowd of EMS

  • Multilevel
    Whether its finance or academics, fee or payroll, hostel or classroom, transport or travel, it can be managed by it. Without differentiating any we can track attendance of principal to the student by syncing with biometric system. Payroll can be defined and delivered using the same, not for one but many institutions across the globe. It doesn’t get categorized in levels, locations or any other limitations.
  • Innovative:
    We provide outcome based solution for education system. We don’t only fulfill requirements but also we use our innovation to present it in a more productive manner. From Grievance to visiting faculties, from lateral admissions to exchange programs, from recruitment to training & placement, every new need of institution is fulfilled with our EMS.
  • Storage
    Managing & maintaining records of everything in the institution is a tedious task. When every institution has a stock of resources, to utilize it properly the storage should be managed efficiently. Whether its books or report cards, we store data of everything so well that tracking is such an easy job. So, in modern days education EMS is very much required to maintain the quantity with quality
  • Secure
    From all those financial assets and information, securing it from misplacing and utilizing it when required is a key feature for our system, whether its fee or payroll, all the data can be securely stored in our system. So, without a fear of any manual misplacement or miscalculation, we can hand over all our finances to this educational EMS.
  • Accessibility
    From timetable to report cards, anything can be accessed from anywhere from anything. The mobile apps give students the privilege to follow the timetable, pay the fee and see results all on their mobiles. Not only this via SMS, but all the pillars of the education system, student, teacher, parents, and management can also access & stay connected.

We are focused to provide outcome based education EMS with utmost clarity & efficiency. Stability and uniqueness of iCloudEMS is, still the EMS is flexible enough to manage institutions of Architecture or Medicines too. To know more about it, please connect with us.