About the Institution

The Institute of Management Technology Dubai (IMT Dubai) is an international business school. It is certified by the Ministry of Higher Education, UAE; the Institute is licensed by MOHESR and KHDA, and all its programs are accredited by the CAA.

It offers accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students from a multitude of nationalities and educational backgrounds. Established in 2006, the Institute was among the first International Business Schools to have set up a full-fledged campus in Dubai.

At the undergraduate level IMT Dubai offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (full-time). At the graduate level it offers a full-time MBA for fresh graduates and an Executive MBA (on weekends) for working professionals.

Students from various nationalities including the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and Europe study together and learn from both highly accomplished faculty members and diverse student groups.

Challenges and requirements

  • The college is situated in Dubai and has campuses in India (Ghaziabad, Nagpur, Hyderabad) as well. Well-maintained communication between staffs sitting at different offices was one of the most challenging aspects. The current academics system eg Attendance, assignment, staff and examination management system was not working as expected.
  • Attendance and timetable reports were created on paper. Collation of these reports and calculating overall attendance were complex and the results were not 100 percent accurate.
  • The college was already using some other education management system and the staff was using three applications and system and found it to be complicated and make sense of  the data coming from all the applications. So it was more manual work for the staff to get those system updated with correct information

iCloudEMS Solution

Our experts identified and matched the right modules for the university requirement. As a first step, we helped in migrating all the existing data into a digital format that is compatible with most of the campus management software.

We trained the staffs on how to use the modules effectively and encouraged them to enter all the data digitally.

The software could be used by any staff from any location at any time. Now, communication between campuses has got easier and faster.

The power of cloud helps the college to store unlimited volume of data and automate backups.

Attendance calculation is now simple and more accurate. Teachers and management staffs have access to simple and quick reports with the help of iCloudEMS attendance management module. This also helps the college in identifying the students with lower attendance and taking prompt actions for improvement.

IMT Dubai has implemented iCloudEMS Student Life cycle Management system and still, some customization’s and incremental developments and releases are still going on

We provided one login portal rather than 3 different systems. So less manual work for the staff. Multiple logins to one system and data or information can be accessed, anywhere, anytime on the go.

Instead, the faculty can address the administration data on the go and concentrate more on the learnings and student engagement.


  • Centralized cloud-based data storage
  • Multi-campus integrated systems
  • Easy student lifecycle /academics management.
  • Customizations or incremental developments are still in process