What Is iCloudEMS?
iCloudEMS school software is used by a lot of educational organizations around the world to deal with all the school administration and management associated activities that comprise of student admission, student/employee attendance, examination, a track record of student/employee performance, upgrade software, support clients, secured data in one place etc. in a specific and structured manner. All of this is done with a common goal – effectively focusing on what one does best.
Can iCloudEMS Be Customized For My Institute?
Yes, we would be glad to discuss your specific requirements and provide a suitable solution. Please write to us on contact@icloudems.com and we will call you
Is iCloudEMS Software Need Internet?
Yes, iCloudEMS hosts one-stop access to top-tier data center environments, high-speed internet connectivity, technical expertise, monitoring, security, backup, and disaster recovery services.
Do we Provide Training?
We certainly do. All new customers receive training as part of their initial setup. This can be fulfilled on campus or remotely. In addition, custom training is available as needed. Finally, periodic online training sessions are provided at no additional cost to our customers.
How Many Students Record It Support?
The cloud offers virtually unlimited storage capacity when compared to typical hard drive and server limits, and is flexible. These cloud storage are easy to use and any hosting provider provide free storage space up to 50GB.

Users generally pay for their cloud data storage on a per-consumption, monthly rate.

Is The Student Information Kept Over The Years?
Yes, and it is easily accessible. You can see the history of a student from the moment they join until they leave. Also, it depends on the amount of data that is stored. Users have to pay as per their storage capacity if exceeded above 50GB
Is There Any Data Backup Facility In The School Software?
Yes, in the iCloudems software data backup facility too. Customers can retrieve their data with no difficulty at all
Is This Software Providing Accounting Facility?
Yes. Actually, Fee and Payroll is one of the modules that Institutions can manage their routines with this software and can take reports anytime, anywhere
Can We Configure Attendance Device/Biometric With Student Information System?
Yes, we have a facility that we have to configure attendance/biometric machine with the Student Information System. Also, we can help set up the same biometric for staff employees as well. Wherein we can view or download reports anytime
Can We Export The Reports Into Excel Or PDF Formats ?
Of course! You can go ahead and convert your reports as Excel or pdf formats. It’s a very helpful option since you can fully format and easily customize your reports if needed
iCloudEMS Software Providing SMS Facility?
Yes, More than 95% of the parents, staff, and students carry a mobile phone everywhere. This means that Schools can reach to parents and students instantly reliably and in a cost-effective way, in case of emergencies, on communicating on students’ progress, about parent-teacher meetings, events, holidays, fee reminders etc… The SMS approach saves time and money for both parents and management.
Can I Try Before I buy iCloudEMS School Software?
You can access our complete demo. Given the nature of the system, it is not feasible for us to set up a trial for each customer, but our demo is set up to enable you to experience the full range of features along with the intuitive interface we’ve designed.
Do You Provide Support Services?
We provide support services any time you need. Our support team is also available to answer any questions and help you with your implementation. We support our clients through email, chat, phone call, personal visit, skype, zoom call etc.
We Still Have Many Unanswered Questions, What We Should Do?
Contact us through email contact@icloudems.com or contact@cloudems.in, phone(+91-9834671439) we will answer your queries or we can visit Your Institute/ University to clarify all your queries.