It’s a challenge for any institute to migrate from existing system (legacy system like Tally, any CRM, Google docs ,sheets ,intranet portal) to a new software or application. Also for smooth running of operations integration with pre-existing software and tools needs to be take care of.The goal of our integrated customer management is to align people, processes and technology to enable service providers to deliver the customer experience they intend.


The system lets you define the workflow, custom forms ,create role based access to data and information. This way it assures the privacy of content as designed by the institute. Multiple logins and operations can be performed on the application ,allowing the workflows to work smoothly as intended and integrated


The cloud application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on any modern devices like tabs, i-pads, iOS, android & desktops. iCloudEMS delivers key features and functions to provide secure access to data on a secured cloud-based system, real-time data updates ,push notifications and various operations for an education system cohort