Catered to Everyone’s needs


Flexibilty to reschedule ,swap and cancel schedules on the go from any device


Synced calendars ,any changes with respect to class ,lectures, practical’s or assignments


Communicate schedules , broadcast in case of emergency, events  with ease to staff and students and maintain records

Key features that sets us apart

Create and define timetable online for students for the staff and publish on the go from any device
A role based login can let the faculty can lock in their preferences through the portal

  • Timetable – Better Class Management
  • Quick access to add / delete / allocate class to old / new faculty
  • User friendly Dashboard
  • Structured timetable
  • Time management of the classes/seminars/lab/others
  • Instant Notification of the changes in timetable
  • Instant Timetable update
  • Alerts
  • Forecast timetable availability
  • Simple to plan / create timetable based on availability of teachers / classrooms / class capacity

Our system also encourages over-ride on schedule manually due to unforeseen circumstances, fixed pattern schedules etc. This makes the system flexible and very easy to use

  • Student prefered scheduling
  • Over-ride of system
  • Fixed pattern scheduling
  • Staff prefered scheduling

Our scheduling software allows you to allocate students to schedules based on courses, subjects, and classes. Auto-assign instructors, classrooms & course for fixed / conditional period.Generate reports for different periods and automatically calculate absences and manage substitutions for faculties not available or absent

  • Allocate classrooms
  • Assigning faculty to schedules
  • Auto-sync lesson plan
  • Substitute management

Notifications and mobile alerts about schedules to students and staff

Automatically send email notifications, reminders and SMS alerts when you create or modify timetables. One can define or create sample message or email using the template format.

Print and publish timetable schedules from your application in one click in PDF, CSV, and other formats. Online class scheduling software enables you to easily compile and publish master timetable reports, daily and monthly timetable reports for classes, rooms, faculties, courses, absences, and substitutions for any specified time period.

  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Error notification
  • Mobile access
  • Publish on mobile