Courses & Batches
Human Resources
Student Attendance
Customizable Dashboards
Student Admission
News Management
User Management
Institute/Event Calendar-B

Fees & Finance

Student Information
Student and Parent Login
Employee and Teacher Login
Messaging System
Report Center
Custom Student Remarks
SMS integration

School Learning Management System


Features of the School ERP System / Software


Cloud based fully integrated ERP solutions


RFID smart cards enabled security


Inbuild Biomatrix


Develop Technology-PHP, MYSQL, J2EE


SMS Alerts


E-enabled to teachers, parents,students, management, and alumni


RFID enabled Library module


Net Banking Support


OCR Support


Simple to implement and maintain free environment



24×7 availability

Easily Setup of School Management Softwere

The iCloudEMS is a School EMS which provides control over school activities. The iCloudEMS product is an advanced School EMS having fully fledged automation system. School EMS which automates & streamlines complete student lifecycle from inquiry to class completion.
Learn more about ICloudEMS why its being used by small to medium size schools / colleges

One web based application / app for everyone in school

iCloudEMS School administration software offers one common database systems and configurable user profiles to smooth working of operations and administration.


iCloudEMS is highly customizable to cater the specific needs of your institute.

BYOD – Bring your own device

iCloudEMS is compatible with any latest devices be it iphone ,ipad and adroid phones.


We also have best and customised pricing plans for institutions of different sizes.

Secure and reliable

Built on secured guidelines for modern web based applications. Backups for school data is automated and also have options to take individual backups.

Implementation & support

Our support helps you in migrating from legacy systems (like excel sheets,docs,tally etc) to import existing database and profiles as well. Our multichannel support includes call ,mail, whatsapp .

Cloud servers

No need to pay for the infrastructure and setup. Licensing of the software or application provided based on the number of users.

Multi language support

ICloudEMS is a multi-lingual school ERP . We can customise to suit your needs.
Acrreditation support

Easy to learn and adapt

iCloudEMS is developed considering the end users in mind.
Our team is well equipped with the information and help you resolving any concerns.

Modules for Schools

Visitors/ Inquiry Management

Visitor Management

Visitor’s admission

Visitor’s pass printing

Appointment administration

Reports and insights

Records complete details

Approaches inquiries

Produce inquiry reports

Allocate enquiries to employee

Produce inquiry follow-up reports

Hands of Science

Basics of science

Category wise experiments

Virtual lab

Upload new experiments

Step by step methods

Learning Management

Basics of science

Category wise experiments

Virtual lab

Upload new experiments

Step by step methods

Customizable Dashboards

Complete output results

Well-organized use of resources

End-user flexibility

Numerous roles built dashboards


Mobile Apps for communication

School info in real-time

Information alerts to parents on mobile

Password protected


Impending events or changes

Fees & Finance Management

Fully history backup available

Fine management

Easy calculation

Customizable fee structure

Online fee collection

Human Resources & Payroll

Be able to get talent

Manages performance

Recompense management

Complete tax care


Student Admission

Registration entry

Open elective assignment

Enrollment no. assignment

Admission confirmation

Tracking application online

A Complete School EMS Software

ICLoudEMS is an ERP software for schools and it includes a combination of all the features of an education management system ,learning management system also student information System for all your school needs i.e right from integrating,automating,reporting,accounting,tracking,visibility. You just have to enable the desired module rather than the whole package of module.