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Accredited Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) can build a certain level of trust and accountability of a program or an institute among students and their families relating to promoting excellence and Continuous Quality Improvement in accordance with the educational standards established by reputed accrediting bodies.

Through the journey of Accreditation, HEIs face many challenges in their path such as repetitive data gathering, formatting, data privacy, generation of self-assessment and evaluation reports. The complexity of these processes is increased when the whole data and reports are aggregated for several years according to norms of Accreditation.

iCloudEMS offers a cloud-based Accreditation Management System, an integrable solution to generate, collect, organize and administer all required data and reports in the predefined formats given by regulatory bodies such as NAAC, NBA etc. It also includes many graphical and analytic tools with collaborative dashboards to easily track the progress of data submission.


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We commit to cater to the needs of all Stakeholders

Digital transformation of the assessment and mapping to reduce the workload and documentation.
Auto generation of SER/SAR reports and CQI tools pursuant to the established standards.
Governing bodies
Brings ease to the evaluation at multiple levels by providing automatic and precise data and reports.
Computerizes the process of Self-assessment and Self-evaluation that fills the gaps for better accreditation preparation.

Why Accreditation

Provides basis for federal funding

Validates on Institutions standards of educational quality

Encourages institutional improvement

Helps students and parents choose acceptable institutions

Accredited degrees do better in job market


Generated Reports for Multiple Accreditations

NAAC evaluates the institutions for its conformance to the standards of quality in terms of its performance related to the educational processes and outcomes
NBA with the objectives of assurance of quality and relevance to technical education, especially of the programs in professional and technical disciplines
The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) is a methodology adopted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India, to rank institutions of higher education in India
It is the declared policy of the State to encourage and assist, through the Commission on Higher Education, higher education institutions) which desire to attain standards of quality over and above the minimum required by the State.
The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education.
ABET accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards of the profession for which that program prepares graduates.
The KHDA in Dubai (acronym meaning Knowledge and Human Development Authority) is the educational regulatory authority for Dubai schools, colleges, and universities
AACSB accreditation is awarded to the institute for its demonstrated focus on quality in teaching, research, curriculum development, and student learning

Key features of our Accreditation Management System:

Accreditation Measures

Our accreditation management system simplifies the accreditation process for both technical and non-technical Higher Education Institutes and helps them throughout the preparation and submission of quick and accurate information for evaluation.

  • We allow to enter and govern data on a centralized platform with respect to predefined Question set. We also offer provision for kind perusal of data by concerned authorities.
  • With our innovative features and available templates, we ease the bulk data uploading process. The system also includes facility to use the prefilled data on portal during the process of the multiple years’ data collection.



Quality Improvement

We deliver the services for the errorless mapping the learning outcomes with our accreditation management system in line with the mission and vision of the institute which ensures to follow continuous quality monitoring and enhancement mechanism.

  • We have an Expert Database Verification System for close analysis of the standards and the criteria to be validated upon.
  • We support the institutes to streamline their administration with several years of data and with numerous Accreditation criteria.
  • You can rapidly check the benchmarking standards and get a ready reckoner on the current status.



Accreditation reports

Our accreditation management system supports powerful reporting tools to create various accreditation reports such as SER, SAR, AQAR, IQAC, Exam Results etc. in the course of accreditation assessments and qualification analysis.

  • We have the standard utilities and formula set to generate main reports and sub reports required in the course of accreditation assessments and qualification analysis.
  • We persistently update the databases and formats in line with the vast document repository vital for accreditation of the institutes.



FAQ on Accreditation Management System

The Accreditation Standards describe good practices in areas of institutional operations, including institutional mission, institutional effectiveness (i.e., achieving stated mission, providing effective educational services), instruction, support services, library and learning resources, human resources, facilities and physical resources, information technology resources, fiscal resources and fiscal management, and governance and decision making.
It helps in simplifying the accreditation process by customizing the needs and requirements of the institutions, automating the tasks by aligning them with reputed Accrediting & Governing bodies, maintaining Outcome Based Education (OBE) system & generate effective results based on analytics and generating authentic and accurate reports for the smooth auditing procedures.
iCloudEMS’s Accreditation Management System helps Educational Institutes in accomplishing the major tasks like Self-assessment in which an institute familiarizes itself with the committee’s standards for the accreditation and then compares its work with them. If all the documents are authentic and updated, then a review report can be sent along with a formal request for the evaluation, Secondly, it keeps all the data update as during the entire evaluation process, everything should remain up to date as even a minor mistake can affect the grades given by the committee.
Accreditation protects the trust and confidence of stakeholders including students, parents, employers, management towards the standards of educational programs of the Institute that regularly pushes the institutes towards self-improvement to maintain or exceed their standards at par with the established standards by regulatory bodies such as NAAC, NBA, ABET etc.

The Higher Education Institutes face a number of problems during their preparation of Accreditation that demands a considerable time and efforts in tedious data and reports related tasks. Following are the main challenges in the course of accreditation groundwork:

  • Persistent data collection and maintenance
  • Reports generation and formatting
  • Integration and documentation of supporting details.
  • Information Storage of several years in chronological order.
  • Synchronous monitoring and review by higher authorities on inputs.
  • Data security.
iCloudEMS supports the Higher Education Institutes by automating and streamlining their data gathering for several years with numerous Accreditation criteria. Our Accreditation management system includes the innovative features and multiple templates to ease the bulk data uploading process. The system also includes facility to use the prefilled data on portal during the process of the multiple years’ data collection. Our system allows to enter and govern data on a centralized cloud-based platform with respect to predefined Question set and offers the services for kind perusal of data by concerned authorities.

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