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College Learning Management System

Features of the College ERP System / Software

Cloud-based fully integrated EMS solutions
RFID smart cards enabled security
RFID enabled Library module
Simple to implement and maintain free environment
Develop Technology-PHP, MYSQL, J2EE
SMS Alerts
OCR Support
Inbuild Biomatrix
Net Banking Support
E-enabled to teachers, parents, students, management, and alumni
24×7 availability

Easily Setup of School Management Softwere

The educational management system, iCloudEMS is a cloud-based automation college EMS which manages the entire administration, campus operations, and academic management in an efficient way. The prime concern of Educational management software companies in India is to fill the gap in the overall market for education institute management software
Learn more about ICloudEMS how it can bridge the gap between the academia and the market demands
With iCloudEMS Education Management solution you will get a seamless experience and a multipurpose management system for every college. On a click of a mouse they can get all the monotonous work simply done, so that they can spend more time tracking student learning! Institution can manage, organize and unify the below features:


iCloudEMS is highly customizable to cater the specific needs of your institute.

BYOD – Bring your own device

iCloudEMS is compatible with any latest devices be it iphone ,ipad and android phones.


We also have best and customised pricing plans for institutions / colleges of different sizes.

Secure and reliable

Built on secured guidelines for modern web based applications. Backups for school data is automated and also have options to take individual backups.

Implementation & support

Our support helps you in migrating from legacy systems (like excel sheets,docs,tally etc) to import existing database and profiles as well. Our multichannel support includes call ,mail, whatsapp,sms.

Cloud servers

No need to pay for the infrastructure and setup. Licensing of the software or application provided based on the number of users. Cloud based integrated EMS solutions.

Multi language support

ICloudEMS is a multi-lingual school ERP . We can customise to suit your needs.


Integration of multiple departments, interconnected master data and workflows and multiple stake holders across the system.


Insights into data and persona of the students and the demand for various courses, programs, & electives on a click data in the form of multiple report or customized reports.

Easy to learn and adapt

iCloudEMS is developed considering the end users in mind.
Our team is well equipped with the information and help you resolving any concerns.

Modules for College

Attendance Management

The attendance management module and academic monitoring module of iCloudEMS software has been designed to handle skillfully the attendance of students and teaching and non-teaching staff.

  • Periodwise Attendance
  • Absentees
  • Event attendance
  • Theory and Practical class
  • Report

(a) subject-wise report, (b) defaulter report, and (c) attendance report

Academics Management

Academics Management module helps in giving entire details of the students capturing on the student profile. This module also comprises of applicable information like the past academic and experience records of the student. It can be effortlessly combined with relevant other modules like admission, fees, library, hostel, transport, attendance, exam, results, etc

Training and Placement

  • To assist students to develop/clarify their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals through individual counseling and group sessions.
  • Maintaining and regularly updating the database of students.
  • Maintaining a database of companies and establishing strategic links for campus recruitments.
  • Gathering information about job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements.
  • Coordinating with companies to learn about their requirements and recruitment procedures.

Learning Management

  • LMS that evaluates performance and qualifies students based on their performances into their outcomes.
  • OBE compliant
  • Define course flow, dates, completion and also conduct tasks and activities as you have created the course plan.
  • Blended Learning gives more time in class for students to grasp the concepts, find solutions, practice and ask for clarifications
  • One of the major lack in the current LMS missing is it’s integration with curriculum . However the governing and accreditation bodies are working on this.


  • Helps to manage & track detailed information of the students like communication history be it announcements, SMS, mails or forum walls or job boards.
  • Real-time data shared avoid redundancy and discrepancy and saves resources and time as well.
  • A powerful content sharing system for storing, publishing, editing/modifying, organizing, deleting, sharing content in various formats
  • A quick analysis of the data will become possible.

Hostel Management

The Hostel Management module is managing different activities in the college hostel. It manages the student details, room details, room allocation information, fee structure, mess bill and staff details of the hostel

Library Management

Library management module helps in library functions like book searching, managing members, issuing books and circulating books, managing books, category wise book storing, and publisher’s details, calculate fine and maintain the transaction history.

Transport management

Transport Management is an excellent software that provides exceptional modules for managing all the transportation activities of a college in a holistic manner. Thus the entire transportation process can be comprehensively handled with the help of this software and it ensures dissemination of information ensuring systematic and timely communication of important data

Time Table Scheduling

Time table module verifies the duration, availability of faculty. Each college’s schedule is different, so this module is customizable. Various features include like Auto-generation of schedule from preset data, manually amend and create timetables, Track absentees E-alert, Auto-generation of schedule from preset data, easy to use, flexible enough. avoid conflicts, timely allotment and use of faculties time and avoid burnouts with respect to schedules, Report on teachers teaching a particular subject for a class or an activity.

Exam Seating Plan

Exam seating plan helps in allotting a seat for each student for every exam differently only by entering the number of rows and number of columns in the examination hall. The college exams can be conducted effortlessly. Various features include Invigilator settings, Student exam fee verification, Exam hall view, Different combinations and patterns of seating, Block details, Exam floor details, Absentees report, Debarred Students List, etc

Online Feedback and Analysis

Student Feedback approach is basically about institutional Practices, Processes, and Frameworks. It includes the following

  • Survey of the learning environment through Questionnaires and Focus group discussions
  • Student identity is confidential
  • Findings of the survey are shown as Analysis Reports
  • Student Suggestion on Practical Lab, Classroom, Library, Other suggestions are considered and Displayed

Governing Body reports

Other international accreditation reports

One centralized accreditation management software for your strategic assessment, outcome tracking, feedback, and international accreditation process.

  • National Assessment and Accreditation Council, NAAC an autonomous body, has been established by the University Grants Commission in 1994 in pursuance of the recommendations made by the National Policy of Education, 1986 which lay special emphasis on evaluating the quality of higher education in India
  • The National Board of Accreditation (NBA), India was initially established by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) under section 10(u) of AICTE act, in the year 1994, for periodic evaluations of technical institutions & programs basis according to specified norms and standards as recommended by AICTE council.
    NBA has introduced a new process, parameters and criteria for accreditation. These are in line with the best international practices and oriented to assess the outcomes of the program.
  • All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) was set up in November 1945 as a national-level Apex Advisory Body to conduct a survey on the facilities available for technical education and to promote development in the country in a coordinated and integrated manner.

A Complete School EMS Software

ICLoudEMS is an ERP software for college and it includes a combination of all the features of an education Management system ,learning management system also student Information System for all your college needs i.e right from Integrating,automating,reporting,accounting,tracking,visibility. You just have to enable the desired module rather than the whole package of module. Pay as you use a specific module not for the whole package .