About Us

iCloudEMS is a leading education software solutions’ provider, revamping academic institutions with easily-managed applications in India, UAE and Africa. Founded in 2011 headquartered in Pune, offices in India and Singapore.

ICloudEMS is a unique and comprehensive education flagship ERP product of iCloudEMS with an interactive platform for all entities in the education cohort that helps colleges and higher education institutions of any size to better align their core academic and administrative processes with technology, and help plan, implement, manage and maintain their IT infrastructure, leading to enhanced learning outcomes and ability to compete in today’s market.

The sole aim of our cloud-based ERP solutions is a clear, well-planned and organized academic administration.

Our Vision

To provide compelling solutions for Educational Institutes which only iCloudEMS can provide.

Our Mission

The group’s mission is to provide the best in Innovative educational methods for Teachers, Students and Management around the world with respect for their diversity.

Core Values

iCloudEMS focuses on ensuring sustainable value growth through state-of-the-art EMS solutions. Our professional approach and hustle to strive for an environment to make the values stronger everyday.