Marketing Automation
Lead Management
Pre Admission & Admission
Course Registration

Fee/ Finance/ Cashless

Academics Management
Teaching Schedule

Continuous assessment

Automatic Timetable Generation

NBA / NAAC / AACSB /IACBE Accreditation Reports

Learning Management
HR / Payroll
Hostel Management
Transport Management
Library Management
Alumni Management

External examination module

Inventory, Store & Purchase

University Learning Management System

Features of the University ERP / Campus ERP System Software


24 x 7 Availability


Automate admissions


Support decision-making


Develop Technology – PHP,MYSQL,J2EE


Net Banking support


Enabled Library module


Free Environment


Streamline records management


Time table generation


RFID smart cards enabled security


SMS Alerts


Tally Integrated


Involve faculty


Cloud based fully integrated ERP solutions


Inbuild Biometric


Data security

Easily Setup of School Management Softwere

iCloudEMS offers a cloud-based comprehensive University EMS solution for universities to mechanize their processes. It is designed to streamline student’s life cycle management and spread their digital campus across various departments. This allows entities, structures, and groups to interrelate flawlessly through campus in an atmosphere which is well-organized and offers suitable delivery of service with its modified and tailored educational experiences.
Learn more about ICloudEMS how it can bridge the gap between the academia and the market demands
With iCloudEMS Education Management solution you will get a seamless experience and a multipurpose management system for every unibersity. On a click of a mouse they can get all the monotonous work simply done, so that they can spend more time tracking student learning! Institution can manage, organize and unify the below features:


iCloudEMS is highly customizable to cater the specific needs of your institute.

BYOD – Bring your own device

iCloudEMS is compatible with any latest devices be it iphone ,ipad and android phones.


We also have best and customised pricing plans for institutions / colleges of different sizes.

Secure and reliable

Built on secured guidelines for modern web based applications. Backups for school data is automated and also have options to take individual backups.

Implementation & support

Our support helps you in migrating from legacy systems (like excel sheets,docs,tally etc) to import existing database and profiles as well. Our multichannel support includes call ,mail, whatsapp,sms .

Cloud servers

No need to pay for the infrastructure and setup. Licensing of the software or application provided based on the number of users. Cloud based integrated EMS solutions.

Multi language support

ICloudEMS is a multi-lingual school ERP . We can customise to suit your needs.


Integration of multiple departments, interconnected master data and workflows and multiple stake holders across the system.


Insights into data and persona of the students and the demand for various courses, programs, & electives on a click data in the form of multiple report or customized reports.

Easy to learn and adapt

iCloudEMS is developed considering the end users in mind.
Our team is well equipped with the information and help you resolving any concerns.

Modules for Universities

Marketing automation

  • Easy to manage the leads as customized mails can be sent to the target segment of students and later on all the details can be easily tracked as who has shown interest and in which course.
  • Manages all the data and vital information related to pre admission and final admission process.
  • Whether it is the process of recording of the details of students, the courses allotted to them, their batch, section, fees etc everything can be updated with the help of this
  • Gets your products to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Combine robust management with built-in intelligence to drive smarter, quicker decision-making.

Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management Module is envisioned to offer a particular and modified follow-up to investigations created by each online action.
All student and parent connect through the Enquiry Management Module are outlined, kept and used at key emphases in the mobilization or admission registration process. Even if parents want to know the performance of student they can get reports through this module. This module provides a centralized database and accurate reports. You can view the top prospects of students and their activities.

Pre-admission management

Pre admission management software helps the colleges and universities in a lot of ways. It helps in recording all the enquiries that take place before the actual process of admission. It helps in keeping a record of important aspects like the admission forms sales data related to different courses, the details of students and their personal information, the application number of each candidate and much more. The advanced modules in Pre Admission Management software help to get complete relief from manual entries related to pre-admission. All the information can be accessed from a central point and the highest level of accuracy is maintained.


Post admission management

Post admission data is taken form pre-admission wherein the data and various mandate documents and profile has been created

  • It makes the admission process really easy and fast going.
  • All the admissions can be traced to their respective batch or course without any mistakes.
  • It ensures regular updating of database information and no hassles are faced while managing or storing any information.
  • It is also possible to ensure data storage that will take place post-registration and collection.
  • It is possible to search for any information based on student’s class, name, batch, course, registration number, etc.
  • After the registration process, there is an excellent facility of automatic generation of Login IDs and passwords for students as well as parents.

Asset management

There are lots of assets in universities and colleges and a comprehensive record can be maintained with the help of Asset Management software. This software helps in tracking the exact quantum as well as the monetary value of assets. Thus with the help of this software, not only fixed assets but current assets can also be tracked with all the details.
Such software can keep all the information security related to assets like lab equipment, computers, furniture and fixtures, vehicles, land and building details, educational tools, cash with the university office, cash at bank, a record of inventory-related items and many other things. This software simplifies administrative tasks to a great extent and its user interface is very simple to comprehend.


Auditorium / Hall Booking is very helpful software for colleges and universities. Booking can be done in a perfect manner. It helps in tracking that when a particular date can be assigned to any event that needs to be conducted in the auditorium. Free dates and occupied dates are instantly visible with the help of this software.

HR Management

  • The entire details related to the leaves taken by the staff and the leaves remaining to their credit can be handled with the help of this software.
  • All the aspects related to the pay structure of universities, the salary that has been credited till date, the pending salary, the reimbursements, deductions etc. can be done with the help of HR Management software.
  • Appraisal processes can also be recorded as well as simplified with the help of HR Management software. Thus, the appraisal records, the bonus which has been granted, change of pay grade etc. are all handled by this software.
  • It can add/edit official details like reporting manager, joining date, photograph, bank details, past employment and qualification.
  • It helps to add / edit staff details along with personal, contact and family details.

Fees/Finance and Cashless transaction

The fees module is a really advanced level module that helps in a lot of things like managing the entire process of fees collection, noting down of fines and refund claims, settlement of fees for various students, automated due SMS, etc. Thus with the help of fees master, any stakeholder can monitor any stage of the fees management operations.

The installation-based facility or the onetime payment option is also visible which gives an opportunity to the stakeholders so as to choose the payment method and also avail the concession if applicable for any particular category of student. There is also an embedded feature that supports receipt generation and fee collection forecasts.

Visitors tracking

Visitor tracking software is a specialized setup that helps in this domain in an unprecedented manner. Thus be it anyone visiting the educational institute, a complete record can be kept like who visited the premises,

A Complete School EMS software

ICLoudEMS is an ERP software for college and it includes a combination of all the features of an education Management system ,learning management system also student Information System for all your college needs i.e right from Integrating,automating,reporting,accounting,tracking,visibility. You just have to enable the desired module rather than the whole package of module. Pay as you use the module not for the whole package .