Many companies are making ERP software but selecting one of them is the aim of educational institutions like colleges, universities and that ERP software becomes ideal Educational Management System.

ERP software simplifies the activities of colleges and universities so that the performance of the Educational system is optimized. ERP software can be modified as per the requirements of colleges and universities to make it ideal and useful all the way. ERP software used in colleges and universities is referred as Educational Management System. As the technologies are evolving into advanced methods, Educational Management system is improvising the structure of learning in Colleges/Universities and other relevant requirements within.

Most of the colleges and universities are implementing ERP software and they are getting the outcomes as promised by the ERP software company. Such functional, convenient, applicable and serviceable ERP software becomes ideal Educational Management System. Investing once in EMS, generates continuous results for long time effectively.

There are a few attentive reasons to implement and integrate ERP software in universities and colleges, and some of the reasons are as:

I. Adaptability
The academics in colleges is undergoing through a dramatic change in today’s date, Educational Management System helps authorities for potential outcome to cope up with the change. Educational Management system is improvising the structure of learning in Colleges/Universities and other relevant requirements within.

II. Productivity
In Colleges/Universities Educational Management System is mainly effective in administration and management. In less time much more work can be completed efficiently and effectively which increases the productivity of the Educational Institutes.

III. Scope of education
Educational Management System is mainly used by staff members, students and their parents. They can access services instantly provided by system favourably which diversifies the scope of education. With the help of Educational Management System, quality of education can be improvised which widens the scope of education.

IV. Easy to operate
Educational Management System is easy to operate as with a single click many operations can be performed in spite of comprehensive structure internally. Front end is easy to navigate and in simple language which makes it more easy to understand and use EMS in friendly and optimised manner.

V. Mobile and internet penetration
Availability of Mobile App for Educational Management System makes parents access data easily and they can remain connected with College activities and student performances.

VI. Security
This is a very important factor as educational institutes deals with vast data of staff members, students and teachers. Fee payment and salaries are valuable part of colleges and universities which should not be tampered by externals. EMS with password protection makes it secure.

VII. Cost effective
Once the application is installed at institution, it reduces all the paperwork and workload of teachers and other administrative officers which is a worthy investment. This application will also be useful in reducing the infrastructure cost.

VIII. A centralised system
Universities and colleges function at various levels, which include various departments. Every department is unique in its own way, and hence, it is crucial to maintain a system that will bring every department under the central university management. ERP software is a systematic approach towards the entire system.

IX. Controllable and authorised
Administrative control and authority to give and change privileges makes system to run smoothly. Management becomes powerful with ERP based solutions. The management can control the working at the ground level.